Products We Offer

As our Chief Cliff Stone comes from one quarry only, you are insured of uniformity and consistency of color and that the same rock you use now will be available in the future should you decide to enhance or add on to your existing stonework. We quarry year round. 

Choose natural stone for its visual appeal,  unique character and low maintenance.

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Mantles and Hearths

We can try to find specific size stones. If we are unable to locate the exact size you need, we can cut it to your specifications for en extra fee.




Steps come in a range of widths.





Build a patio or walkway.





Engrave directly into the stone or attach ornamental iron words and sculptures to make a statement for development or business entrances, home addresses and more.




6” Ledge

Masons choice for fireplaces, columns, and exterior and interior walls.




Hand Dry Stack

Build a retaining wall yourself with rock sized for human hands to lift, not machines.


Hand Dry Stack used as Masonry Veneer




Machine Dry Stack

Our most popular retaining wall stone suitable for excavator or similar machine placement.




We specialize in the truly big stuff. We once placed a stone weighing in at 52 ton. Make a statement with some unique and amazing pieces.




Versized Ledge

Build larger rock walls with larger pieces for a grander visual impact.





Columns, benches,  bridges, art.




Rustic Dry Stack

Can be loaded into dump trucks and is a value sure to fit anyone’s budget.